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North Middlesex Regional High School Phase 2

The reconstruction of North Middlesex Regional High School is a two-phase project covering 180,530 square feet and costing an estimated total of $68 million. Phase I, which was started in July 2015, consists of the construction of the high school. Upon its completion, Phase II will begin the abatement and demolition of the existing high school.

Phase I includes the following sub-projects:
• Drainage and facilities site work
• Underground utilities site work
• Sewage system install
• Foundation work
• Excavation and backfill of exterior piers
• Roadwork including parking lots and all associated tie-ins
• Site balancing
• Removal of 34,000 yards of unsuitable materials
• Demolition of the superintendent building and greenhouse
• Construction of an athletic field

Phase II includes the following:
• Abatement and Demolition of the existing high school and track fields
• Balancing the site
• Installation of new athletic fields and sidewalks
• Preparation for landscaping

The proposed building will be two stories and consist of 180,530 square feet. It will be located on the existing 50-acre site, between the existing building and the playing fields. The exterior enclosure will have four types of rain-screen cladding, brick veneer, composite metal panel, formed metal panel and porcelain tile panel. These will protect the exterior of the building with an air moisture barrier that contains full insulation and sheath with primary weather barrier materials.
The construction will eliminate the four access curb cuts on Main Street, replacing them with two new main curb cuts at designated locations, 350 parking spaces, and a bus parking area able to fit 12 buses. Access will be provided for loading as well as a perimeter-gated road around the building for emergency access. As an alternate, a new 6/8 lane track and main football/multipurpose field may be installed where the existing track and field is located. Bleachers, press box and a lavatory building will be provided within the base project. Additional fields will also be constructed, and the softball field will be re-constructed and re-configured to the west of the new building. A new Title V septic system will be installed and new drainage and utilities throughout the site.
During construction, the existing building will remain operational. Abatement and Demolition of the existing building will occur upon the completion and occupancy of the newly constructed building.

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